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Board member search pricing

With an impressive 99% retention rate after 12 months, our service showcases our commitment to providing dependable, long-term board member placements that align with both your strategic company needs and candidate compatibility.

Your trust is paramount to us

At, we prioritize transparency and mutual trust in our board search process. Understanding the mindset of small and medium-sized company owners, we aim to offer affordable pricing for those seeking new board members.

Fee Structure

Our pricing is tailored to your specific requirements, taking into account the estimated time needed for each individual situation.



  • For businesses with a revenue of up to 15 mio. €
Medium Sized Business


  • For businesses with a revenue of up to 30 mio. €

Tailored pricing

  • For larger corporations with upwards of 30 mio. € in revenue

We trust that we will find the right board candidate for your company

  • No cure = no pay

    If you decide not to hire our chosen candidate, you don't pay the full price. 

Before starting up the recruitment process we send you a contract for the search process including the pricing and the agreed time schedule and the deadline for the search process. We sign up to strict confidentiality requirements for our part as a part of the contract. After that we issue an invoice for the start up fee which always is one third of the total agreed fee. Once the contract is signed and the start up invoice is paid we start up the search process according to the agreed time schedule.

Payment structure

The start up fee is fixed, but the remaining 2 thirds of the fee is based on no cure no pay and is only payable if we end up with a match for a board member to start up in the companys board.

The search process is considered successful when:

  • Our customer has chosen one of the presented board candidates and both parties has agreed upon terms and conditions for entering the board.

The election process and the specific board contract is normally not a part of our search process.

We are ready at any time to answer all your questions regarding the pricing and the search process.

Pricing structure explanation
Our story

Our company is a recruitment agency that specializes in finding and hiring Danish board members. We offer tailored solutions to customers outside of Denmark who are looking for competent board members for their companies. Our experience and expertise in recruiting candidates means that we can match our customers' needs with the best on the market. We are dedicated to helping our clients build strong boards that can contribute to the success of the business.

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